Who we are

Who are we indeed? Well, we are Nicola Hastings and Paul Anning, two web designers with a wealth of experience in building websites. Nicola started cannedSunlight in 2005 after she finished university gaining a BA(Hons) degree in Interactive Media Production, and an MA in Interactive Media. Paul joined the team in 2008 and added an extra dimension to cannedSunlight with his creative writing and ideas. Both Paul and Nicola come from a printing background and have spent many years in design and the production area of the media industry. Moving to the internet has been a natural and pretty smooth progression with the ocassional cry of 'How?" and "Wow!" here-and-there along the way.

Nicola specialises in the technical side of web development and search engine optimisation, with expert skills in project management and planning. Paul has learnt web design on-the-fly and prides himself on creating fully functional websites that conform to the current web standards - he writes in code too, so in some ways he is like a living, breathing machine!

From time to time cannedSunlight may also use experienced freelancers to help on projects where necessary. We often work with Simon Napper, a very talented and award-winning Senior Designer from the UK. He has a keen eye for detail and creates modern, fresh and exciting work. You can view Simon Napper's own website here.

Where we are

Paul and Nicola recently relocated to Calpe on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Being web designers makes it easy to work from anywhere and we currently have customers both in the UK and in Spain. We run our business from our home office, which means less outgoings for the company and all the money you spend on your website goes on your website - no extras for tea and biscuits or other such luxuries!

Senior Designer Simon is based in the UK (until we can persuade him that the Costa Blanca is much better) meaning we have a contact based in the United Kingdom for our customers there as well. Just because we work in the sun doesn't mean we can't help those poor souls in the rain!

We are happy for you to come and meet us at our home office to discuss your website needs, or alternatively we can arrange to meet you at your own home or mutually arranged café. We like our clients to be at ease when discussing business and if that means a café or bar then so be it.

Why choose cannedSunlight web designers

cannedSunlight web designers specialise in setting up websites and brochure sites for individuals and small companies, however larger projects can be undertaken. We have experience in building and creating ecommerce shops, and as the web gets more interactive our company has kept up with trends and we are currently working on web community and social networking projects.

What we can offer you:

  • Experienced and knowledgable staff available to discuss your website initially and advise on the path you need to take.
  • Domain names and hosting for your website.
  • All prices include initial SEO (search engine optimisation) for your website.
  • Consultation service available if you have set up your own website and simply require advice or a little help.
  • Online shops - creation and set up.
  • Fully customisable service to suit your needs.

Customer Service

Such a rare thing nowadays, don't you think? But this is where we excel. We pride ourselves on the quality of customer service we provide and it is very important to us that we treat our clients in exactly the same way that we like to be treated. In Spain we have found that businesses providing a service to the expat community are notoriously poor when it comes to customer service - but not us. We always return your calls and emails. We always turn up to meetings on time. And we will always give you the best service possible. That's just what we do!

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What you need
to get online

  1. Domain Name

    The domain name is first thing you need to think about for your website. This is the address that people type into the browser to find your website. (E.g. www.yourcompany.com). As there are now millions of websites online it can sometimes be quite hard to find a name that suits you, so it is worthwhile thinking of a few alternatives.

  2. Hosting Package

    Hosting provides space on server computers where the pages of your website are stored and made available to the world over the internet. Costs are usually annually and range in price depending on the type of service you require. Hosting for online shops is normally more expensive than hosting for a brochure website.

  3. Information

    Information is king. In order to create a successful website, you need to have information that other people want, displayed in a way that is easy to find and easy to view. Whether it's an online shop, or a brochure website, having something unique to say about something will draw people in. Gather together any information that is relevant to the pages on your website, and we will help you write good concise copy for your pages.

  4. Web Design Templates

    This is where we come in. We can create eye-catching designs for your website in a style to suit your company or personal needs. We will then build the templates and drop in the content creating the final version of your website.

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