Building your website

We make creating and building a website as painless as possible for you! After an initial free consultation you can expect your website to go through the following stages and processes whilst being developed.

  • Planning

    This stage incorporates the planning and research that goes into creating a successful website. Background research is carried out, paying special attention to the type of user/customer expected to visit the website, and likely keywords and phrases to get results in the search engines. The structure of the website can then be planned which will indicate the number of sections and pages needed.

  • Design

    Depending on the type of website, possible web design mock-ups are created for the homepage and one or two content pages. These are created to the client's brief in the company style or personal taste. Clean and classy or fresh and funky - we do it all! Please note: If possible any amends to the design should be made at this proofing stage as changes at a later time can become costly.

  • Prototype

    This is the development stage where a fully working demo of the website is built. Hold on to your hats because it gets exciting now! This will usually consist of the homepage and two other content pages for proofing purposes. The website will remain at the prototype stage whilst it is being developed and proofed, until all pages are created and content is added.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    We want the world to see your fabulous website so this part is really important - SEO is carried out in tandem with the prototyping stage and can be ongoing depending on the type of web package. This may involve changing the wording in content pages to improve search engine results, so written copy should not be set in stone. Once the site is live the URL will be submitted to the search engines and other relevant directories.

  • Website Launch

    When the website is complete, proofing has been carried out and all outstanding invoices are paid the website becomes live. Time to pop open the champagne! This is also the time to start your marketing campaign whilst waiting for the search engines to index your website and business to pick up.

  • Aftercare

    Just because your website is live and working for you doesn't mean that we won't! If you have any questions or problems we will still be as attentive and helpful as ever. In the future you may require changes to be made to your site as your company grows and flourishes, and the internet is forever evolving so you may wish to use new trends or tools in your webpages to increase sales or views. We are just a phone call or email away from working with you again.

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What you need
to get online

  1. Domain Name

    The domain name is first thing you need to think about for your website. This is the address that people type into the browser to find your website. (E.g. As there are now millions of websites online it can sometimes be quite hard to find a name that suits you, so it is worthwhile thinking of a few alternatives.

  2. Hosting Package

    Hosting provides space on server computers where the pages of your website are stored and made available to the world over the internet. Costs are usually annually and range in price depending on the type of service you require. Hosting for online shops is normally more expensive than hosting for a brochure website.

  3. Information

    Information is king. In order to create a successful website, you need to have information that other people want, displayed in a way that is easy to find and easy to view. Whether it's an online shop, or a brochure website, having something unique to say about something will draw people in. Gather together any information that is relevant to the pages on your website, and we will help you write good concise copy for your pages.

  4. Web Design Templates

    This is where we come in. We can create eye-catching designs for your website in a style to suit your company or personal needs. We will then build the templates and drop in the content creating the final version of your website.

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