Copy Writing Packages

Our preferred currency is euros, however we do have customers in the UK and will accept payment in GBP. Please see our UK Copy Writing packages page for prices in Sterling.

Copy Writing Package

We can write quality content for your website or blog that includes good keywords suitable for your products or business.


  • Research into a subject for original content unique to your website.
  • Quality content written in good concise English on your chosen subject.
  • Detailed descriptions of products.
  • Keyword or keyphrase rich content to suit your business.

Price: €45 per 500 words

The copyright for any content written for you will become yours after payment is received.

Blog Writing Package (and optional blog set-up)

We also offer a blog writing service to keep your blog regularly updated which is important for SEO. We will write a set number of articles per month for a monthly fee tailored to suit your budget.

We can also set a blog up for you, either as part of your website or on one of the main blogging websites.


  • Research into a chosen article subject
  • Quality content written in good concise English on your chosen subject.
  • Images and screenshots sourced if necessary.
  • Articles added at a frequency to suit you and your budget.
  • Optional blog set-up (on blog website or your own website).

Two articles per month: €80 per month
For weekly or monthly articles: Please ask for a quote.
Optional blog set-up: From 200

There are no long term contracts, please notify us if you no longer need us to write for you. Non-payment of a monthly fee will cause the removal of articles not paid for and future articles cancelled. The copyright for each article will become yours after payment is received, we cannot be held responsible for any copyright issues once you own the copyright.

Price for blog set-up is a one-off fee and depends on the type of set-up. E.g. set-up on a blogging website (, blogspot, blogger etc.), or set-up as part of your own website or a standalone blog website (

Please fill in the online quote form for further information and a price request.

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What kind of website package is right for me?

  • Do you just need a web presence to showcase your business?

    This type of website is often called a brochure site. It will usually consist of a small number of pages that detail the company's information and services. If this is the type of website you are looking for then the Basic Package will suit you.

  • Do you want to be able to control the content of the website yourself?

    If this is the case you need to choose an Intermediate Package with a Content Management System (CMS) option. The Intermediate Package caters mainly for large sites, but if you would like a small brochure site with a CMS option, fill in the online quote form for a price request.

  • Do you want to sell your products online?

    Choose the Online Shops Package which is a fully customizable package specifically for ecommerce. The package includes the shop set up, payment options, template design, and one hours training or easy to follow guide for adding products.

  • Can't see what you need?

    If you don't feel that any of the packages suit your needs, then go for a Custom Package. This package is created specifically for your own needs, depending on what you want your website to do. Fill in the online quote form for a package and price to suit you.

  • Maintenance, SEO and Consultation

    cannedSunlight also offer monthly Maintenance and SEO Packages to keep your website fresh and up to date, and at the top of google. If you already have a website and are just looking for advice on technical or design issues, then we also offer a Consultation Service which can include advice on SEO for your website.

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