Website Maintenance (Ongoing)

Do you need to have your website updated regularly, but you don't have the time to do it yourself? Do you need some changes made to a website that was not built by cannedSunlight?

No problem, sign up for either our Basic or Advanced Maintenance Packages and we'll do the work for you. We are happy to carry out maintenance to your existing website if you need assistance with amendments. Both web Maintenance Packages include some SEO work and any alterations that you may require to existing pages, textual changes or new pictures. These packages are limited only by time per month, so if we think the amendments may take longer than the allocated time, we can either invoice you for the extra time or you can add the amendments on to next months quota.

Regular or pay-as-you-go website maintenance

You can either sign up for regular monthly maintenance, or we provide a pay-as-you-go service where you can have website maintenance one month and none for the next few months. There are no long term contracts. If you feel that you no longer require regular monthly maintenance you can cancel the service until further notice. You decide when you need the website updating.

When you use our services for website maintenance we will contact you to confirm that we have carried out the monthly maintenance on your website. We will let you know exactly what we have done and how it helps your website. You can agree on a regular period of updating, e.g. monthly, or bi-monthly, or opt in for the pay-as-you-go service. We are flexible to your needs.

Updating an existing website or online shop

If you have a website or online shop that is looking tired and is not working for your company then it may be that the website needs a redesign. After all what's the point of having a website if no-one ever visits it? With a fresh look and some clever SEO work we can liven up your website and get results for you. This kind of updating isn't covered by our maintenace packages however. Please take a look at the Web Design page and fill in our quote form to request a price for updating your website.

Maintenance and SEO

Both Website Maintenance Packages include SEO work as time allows. Depending on how many amendments you have, the rest of the monthly time allowance will be spent on SEO which includes keyword and keyphrase research, analysis of current data and results, and any amendments needed to keep up with the latest SEO techniques.

These packages are also available for existing online shops if you need updates or products adding over time. Contact us for further information.

Alternatively you can use your monthly web maintenance package purely as SEO updating, which will help to keep your website at the top of the search results.

For further information on all our current packages, features and prices, visit the Packages and Prices page >>

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What kind of website package is right for me?

  • Do you just need a web presence to showcase your business?

    This type of website is often called a brochure site. It will usually consist of a small number of pages that detail the company's information and services. If this is the type of website you are looking for then the Basic Package will suit you.

  • Do you want to be able to control the content of the website yourself?

    If this is the case you need to choose an Intermediate Package with a Content Management System (CMS) option. The Intermediate Package caters mainly for large sites, but if you would like a small brochure site with a CMS option, fill in the online quote form for a price request.

  • Do you want to sell your products online?

    Choose the Ecommerce Package which is a fully customizable package specifically for online shops. The package includes the shop set up, payment options, template design, and one hours training or easy to follow guide for adding products.

  • Can't see what you need?

    If you don't feel that any of the packages suit your needs, then go for a Custom Package. This package is created specifically for your own needs, depending on what you want your website to do. Fill in the online quote form for a package and price to suit you.

  • Maintenance, SEO and Consultation

    cannedSunlight also offer monthly Maintenance and SEO Packages to keep your website fresh and up to date, and at the top of google. If you already have a website and are just looking for advice on technical or design issues, then we also offer a Consultation Service which can include advice on SEO for your website.

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